Jewelry Marketing! A Simple Way to Get More Reorders!

There’s no doubt that it’s far easier to sell to an old customer who’s bought from you in the past than it is to find a brand new one. Your old customer knows what you have to offer and that they’ll get quality service from you. You just need to have ways to remind them of your great jewelry designs. If you sell your jewelry at craft and jewelry shows, you can use this simple technique to increase your reorders.

Your customer can forget about you and your jewelry designs, particularly if you sell primarily through craft and jewelry shows where your customer only sees you at certain times of the year. She needs to be reminded of your business in some manner.

The advertising specialty business is based on the premise that keeping your name in front of your customer with freebies such as refrigerator, magnet, pens and buttons will increase your sales. Why not use this approach with a twist to keep your name in front of the customer?

At a craft or jewelry show when your customer has made a purchase from you, you want to give them a useful item they’ll want to keep that has your contact information and website address clearly displayed on it. How about printing up some informative, informational sheets on different aspects of wearing, caring for, and cleaning handmade jewelry?

Most customers would really appreciate a sheet that tells them such useful information as:

1. How to clean handmade jewelry.
2. How to remove tarnish from sterling silver jewelry.
3. Unique ways to wear jewelry.
4. Current jewelry trends and fashions.
5. How to care for handmade jewelry.
6. How to store jewelry properly.

You can easily print up sheets with this information and have them mimeographed at your local copy store. Just be sure to have your contact information and website address at both the top and bottom of the sheets. Stuff one into each customer’s bag when she makes a purchase. Since you’ve given her such useful information, she’s likely to keep your sheet handy for future reference. Plus, she’ll be reminded of where she can buy more great jewelry!

These informational sheets also have the added benefit of being useful content for your website to draw more traffic and increase online sales.

Give this simple idea a try and I think you’ll be rewarded with a nice boost to your jewelry business!